Running Matters

Ep102 - Darryl Griffiths - Koda Nutrition Guru

March 1, 2022

If you've got a race longer than parkrun coming up then this episode is a must. Your race performance (not to mention your gut) depends on it!

Darryl Griffiths has been studying nutrition/hydration and testing endurance athletes for 25 years. He has literally seen it all and managed to fix the nutrition and hydration problems of some of the world's best athletes. 

This week Haddy has the pleasure of picking Darryl's brain on all things sport's nutrition for the endurance athlete. We particularly drill into the hot ticket items of sodium, fluid and calorie intake. 

We dive into the dangers of getting things wrong and why an all- inclusive 'one size fits all' formula is nowhere hitting the right numbers for you and almost certainly comprising your race goals.

Darryl has recently released the audiobook 'SWEAT. THINK. GO FASTER' and if you follow the processes in this podcast and the book you're almost guaranteed a more successful and enjoyable race day.

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