Running Matters

Ep 75- Alan Tongue- Tough as Nails - Heart of Gold

October 22, 2020

Alan is a veteran of 220 NRL games who captained his mighty Canberra Raiders for 5 seasons. He's also one of the fittest athletes Rugby League has ever seen.  Since retiring 'Tonguey" has invested his time in spreading a message of positive mindset through his Aspire Program and also campaigning against Australia's unacceptable domestic violence problem through 'Voice Against Violence'. He was recently awarded the ACT Australian of the Year.

In this week's Running Matters Podcast we draw comparison between running and Rugby League with regards to training, competition and mindset. There are some fantastic lessons to learn here and Alan's story of perseverance, resilience and bloody hard work is truly inspiring.

We chat about proving the doubters wrong, an alternate use for head gear and how to make over 1000 tackles in a season and not fall apart!


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